The scourge of COVID-19 disease which is caused by the above named virus (SARS-Cov-2) started initially in China late December, 2019 but has now spread up to the point of being termed ‘a Global Pandemic’ (disease that has spread across wide geographical region) with over 8,100 deaths. Hence, the needs to further raise the level of consciousness and awareness of staff, families and loved ones.

Locally, Nigeria has now confirmed five new cases (3 from US and 2 from UK) of Covid-19 making a total of eight (8) confirmed cases and one death in Ekiti State which further makes the situation a dire one.

Exponential rate of the disease spread (doubling of cases every three days) has made it necessary for everyone to practice ‘social distancing’ by avoiding public spaces and limiting movements.

Based on the above new cases, the Federal Government of Nigeria has restricted travel from these locations and some more, we at Medexia have also taken it upon us to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 by reemphasizing some method of prevention of the disease as well as tips/suggestions to stay well and unaffected.


a) Stay off work when sick and call the appropriate authorities.
b) Confirm circulating information on social media from your doctor or from Authorized/reputable websites e.g WHO. Medexia.

a) Regular hand washing with soap and water

b) Avoid face touching
c) Use of alcohol based hand sanitizers when soap and water is unavailable, etc.
d) Provision of Banners to our Client which contains methods of prevention of the disease
a) We recommend the purchase of infrared thermometers for use at the gate/reception and or entrance to the Company.
b) We also recommend hiring a temporary nurse who is trained and can manage/screen staff/visitors coming into the organization while also using the thermometer (logistics to be discussed where needed).
c) The coming days/weeks are crucial and as such, employees and loved ones should avoid public gathering and events.

Please remember to always maintain a high index of suspicion, protect yourself and loved ones at all time.

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