Immune boosting diet to prevent disease


You are what you eat’ is a common saying that depicts the importance of diet to human existence. It is of particular importance when we talk about our health. Certain food items are better taken or avoided in certain health conditions. For example, people with high blood pressure are advised to reduce their salt intake.

However, as a general rule taking a balanced diet – a diet rich in essential nutritional ingredients like carbohydrate, Protein, vitamins and minerals is prescribed for a healthy living.

Certain food items that are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants are known to be good immune boosters such food items include but not limited to:

 Green leafy vegetables

 Sweet potato

 Watermelon

 Carrot

 Oyster /other sea food

 Ginger

 Garlic

 Low fat yogurt.

 Chicken soup.


Taking these regularly will ensure good health for the individual and infections and diseases will be far away.

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